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Gospel Meetings/Revivals

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Title Speaker Date
Overcoming my limitations Jeremy Jones 2017-09-13
If we are right, are they wrong Jeremy Jones 2017-09-12
When Did Lot Make His Mistake Jeremy Jones 2017-09-11
Jesus Had To Jeremy Jones 2017-09-10
Crossing the Kidron Jeremy Jones 2017-09-10
The Case For Christ Shane Scott 2016-10-28
Are The Gospels Reliable History? Shane Scott 2016-10-26
The Problem of Evil and Suffering Shane Scott 2016-10-26
Ancient Arguments For The Existence Of God Shane Scott 2016-10-24
An Atheist's Guide To Reality Shane Scott 2016-10-23
Cheerful Courage Shane Scott 2016-10-23
VDP Keith Barclay 2014-09-24
Uzziah Keith Barclay 2014-09-23
Out of the Cave Keith Barclay 2014-09-23
Holiness pt 2 Keith Barclay 2014-09-21
Holiness pt 1 Keith Barclay 2014-09-21