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Title Speaker Date Series
Narrow Minded Beliefs Mark Russell 2017-07-02
Joy and Peace Will Keep Us From Falling Away Mark Russell 2017-07-02 God's Way Works
Identify, Investigate, and Redeem Mark Wildman 2017-06-18
Passive Christianity? NO! Mark Russell 2017-06-04 God's Way Works
Jesus and the Dead Mark Russell 2017-05-28
Facing Fears Together Mark Russell 2017-05-21
Teamwork in Church Mark Russell 2017-05-14
Can We Be Taught Wrong And Baptized Right Tim Anderson 2017-05-10 Gospel Meetings/Revivals
What Does Scriptural Baptism Accomplish Tim Anderson 2017-05-09 Gospel Meetings/Revivals
Are You In Jesus Christ? Tim Anderson 2017-05-08 Gospel Meetings/Revivals
The Christian and Forgiveness Mark Russell 2017-04-23 God's Way Works
Psalm 137 - A Transparent Prayer In The Middle Of The Storm Mark Russell 2017-04-02
Don't Trust In Chariots Mark Russell 2017-03-19 God's Way Works
We're Not Suppossed To Belong Here Mark Russell 2017-03-12 God's Way Works
Bringing Someone Hurting To Jesus Mark Russell 2017-03-05
The Call Of The Gospel Mark Russell 2017-01-22 God's Way Works
The Case For Christ Shane Scott 2016-10-28 Gospel Meetings/Revivals
Are The Gospels Reliable History? Shane Scott 2016-10-26 Gospel Meetings/Revivals
The Problem of Evil and Suffering Shane Scott 2016-10-26 Gospel Meetings/Revivals
Ancient Arguments For The Existence Of God Shane Scott 2016-10-24 Gospel Meetings/Revivals