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Last updated June 6th, 2021

Following CDC guidelines, the Elders have removed the requests for mask wearing within the building and to maintain six feet of social distancing between different families.

There will be those who for personal reasons will continue to wear masks. There will be those who will not. The Elders are asking, while this can be a divisive issue in our culture, that it not to be a source of division among us. We are called to a higher, nobler standard in Jesus.

Health decisions and attendance have become far more complicated for some of us than we could have ever imagined. This is a time for patience, kindness, and longsuffering, not pontificating, proselytizing, or demeaning others in their health decisions as if they were matters of faith and salvation (the principle of Romans 14:13 applies).



Entering and Exiting

We ask that all attendees please follow these guidelines:

  • As you enter the building please pick up a pre-packaged communion set.
  • A basket will be available near the communion supplies for contribution collection.
  • Please take all trash, including your communion set, with you. Please do not leave anything behind, including personal belongings.

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Worship Modifications

We will follow our normal worship schedule with the following modifications:

  • We will not be passing a contribution plate.
  • Communion will be done using pre-packaged communion sets. No trays will be passed around.

Additionally, following state guidelines on distributing and sharing materials:

  • There will not be a paper bulletin provided. The bulletin will be distributed weekly via email. If you wish to receive this bulletin please Contact Us and we will add you to the list.
  • All bibles and songbooks have been removed. We will be using an electronic songbook on the projection screen.

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Building Cleaning and Hygiene

To promote a clean environment to worship in the building will be professionally deep cleaned every Saturday. All services, seats, and other contact areas will be sanitized. Additionally, we are taking these additional precautions to help ensure health safety:

  • Hand sanitizer has been placed in high-traffic areas.
  • All tissue boxes have been removed from the pews. If you believe you will need tissues please bring your own supply and dispose of them as you leave the building.

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Live Stream

We will live stream the entire worship service, including song service, communion, prayers, and the sermon on our web site and on our YouTube Channel. We will be streaming the song book text during the singing.
If you have a request for a prayer please Contact Us so it can be made known during the announcements.

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